The Wild Mountain

by Great Fades

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It's been nearly 30 since my father gave me my first guitar, after being encouraged during a drunken conversation with his friend Tam McDonagh, " him a fuckin' guitar...", is the choice quote I recall. Da' must have noticed my teenage head filling up with distractions, the sudden utter focus on the weekly music press, the Billy Bragg inspired communist badges and his record collection no longer being as organised as it once was.

So anyway, I've tinkered with music for years, playing in a few bands in the teenage years, a few stints at singer songwriter nights - never that satisfying. Still, the songs and melodies continued to float around my brain so i started to get them down.

A Tascam 4 track, purchased in my student days, was dusted off and died shortly afterwards, some software was procured and I've been getting these songs and tunes out of the head and into a digital format.

These recordings happen in a window from 10.30pm to around the witching hour. My 2 small children and good lady wife are asleep then, it has always been a period in the day when the mind kicks into a different kind of processing. So these are some late night productions.

There are all manner of questions and thoughts that go through your head as a result of creating something: Is it any good? Why do I fuckin' sing through my nose ? What about a brass band coda on that? Why does this sound different when I play it in the car versus the headphones at home? After getting a few things down you start to think do these songs actually go together ? What sequence should the songs go in? The list of questions are ENDLESS.

So a friend said, "Just get them out there" rather than over think the things. I've read a few people say 'you never know when they're finished, you just abandon them' about songs. I think Da Vinci said it about art. So, out there they go, abandoned, via the wonder of the web.

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released March 11, 2016

There is a muse. She exists within touching distance, and smells lovely.



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Great Fades Dublin, Ireland

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